Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Nautilus Image Converter

Nautilus image converter is a nautilus  extension to mass resize or rotate images. if installed  an additional menu entry will appear when you  right  click the mouse inside nautilus. It is a convenient utility which can save you lot of effort.
For installation on ubuntu. do the following.

1.) Open a Terminal

2) Type the command

    $ sudo apt-get install nautilus-image-converter

3) Logout from the current session and login again.

 You can rotate or resize the image as seen in the screen shots below.




Anonymous said...

One very useful option, when upscaling small images with gimp, is the analysis option (pixels/in). (image->scale image. The second option, just under the dimensions).

Giving a 600x600 pixels/in, is a must I think, for not blurring the upscaled small images.

Does the nautilus extension, has this feature?
If it has, it's a complete replacement for this (scaling) gimp feature.

Fermi Level said...

@Elf Wizard
I dont think the feature is there on nautilus image converter. It actually uses image magic for image scaling and rotation.

Rykel said...

Is there a nautilus extension that can actually convert an image from one format to another? (eg. from .jpg to .png)