Friday, March 5, 2010

Greyed USB drives on Virtual box Guests

   I use virtual box   on my Ubuntu  9.10 box to  run windows XP. ( I use it for some EDA tools like Proteus ). This morning Virtual Box prompted me  to upgrade to version. 3.1.4 and I upgraded it . When I tried to put my Usb Flash drive in the guest OS , the drive was shown grayed as in the screen shot below.


 I searched the net for a solution and finally did the following steps to fix it.
Click on System-> Administration->Users and Groups 

Click on the Key button near"click to manage "

Click on Manage  groups and select vbx users from the box

Click on properites and  tick  your username.


Now restart the computer. Next time when you start the machine your flash drives will be visisble..

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