Thursday, March 4, 2010

How to install Picasa in Ubuntu 9.10

Google picasa is one of the best photo album managers available for windows and linux. Also, google provides web based album services. On ubuntu you can install picasa ( latest version is 3.0 beta) as detailed below.
Select System-> Administration -> Software Sources
Click on third party software. Add the following apt line.

deb stable non-free main
Click on add source and then close . System will ask you to reload the source. Do it. Open a terminal and import the google apt-key as below .

$ sudo wget -q -O - | apt-key add -apt-get update  

Now you can install picasa from synaptic. Or from the command line as

$ sudo apt-get install picasa 

The latest picasa 3.0 offers the following features.
  • Improved integration with Picasa Web Albums
  • You can sync your Picasa 3 and Web Albums edits, change your online album settings from Picasa, and delete online albums from Picasa.
  • Better uploading with the upload Drop-box and bandwidth throttling.
  • New Retouch tool to remove unsightly blemishes and improve photo quality.
  • Improved Collage tool lets you have total artistic control over your collage content and layout.
  • Auto red-eye: same results, less work for you.
  • Easily add text or watermarks to your photos.
Linux specific changes / improvements
  • User data are now stored in ~/.google/picasa/.
  • Camera/media detection integrated with Gnome/KDE.
  • Mozilla/Firefox browser integration done via a plugin.
  • picasa:// urls work in Firefox 3.
  • Downloading albums from Picasa Web Albums launches faster.
  • Better Xinerama support.

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