Monday, April 13, 2009

Downloading web pages with Downthemall

If you are using firefox to do internet browsing, DownthemAll is a cool plugin.
You install it from here. Once installed , this plugin adds two items to your right click menu. Look at the following picture.

When browsing a web page you can right click and then select the Down them All button. A new window pops up as shown below.

Set up the target diectory and then select the files/URLs to download. Enjoy easy download.

List of installed packages in Ubuntu 8.10

The list of installed packages in Ubunu/ debian can be see by the following command

# dpkg -l

I you want the list of packages along with the disk space they occupy use this variation.

# dpkg-query -W --showformat='${Installed-Size} ${Package}\n' | sort -nr | less
This can be very useful if you install lot of packages and later decide to remove some of them to recover space.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Blocking ads with adbloc extention in firefox

Adblock is a firefox extension which can save lot of internet traffic for you. Don't forget to install it if you have a monthly download limit.
This video shows how to install it.

Alternately you can look at this link

Disassembling programs with dissy

Dissy is a small utility which can be used to disassemble executable programs. It is actually a front end to objdump. On ubuntu objdump is provided by the binutils package.
You can install dissy with

sudo apt-get install dissy.

For trying out dissy, write a small C program as below.
int main()
returns 0;

Compile it
$ gcc -o hello hello.c

Now invoke dissy as

$ dissy hello

You will get a graphical screen as below.

Hex editors in Ubuntu

Ghex is a cool hex editor that I some times use. You can install ghex like this.

Install it like this.
sudo apt-get install ghex

A menu entry will come under Applications->Programming->Hex Editor
Here is a screen shot of Ghex.

Alternately, you can install khexedit.

sudo apt-get install khexedit

Screen shots of khexedit are shown below.