Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Manage TTF fonts with fonty python

Fontypython is a small utility that can manage, view and find your fonts on Gnu/Linux. It can handle TTF, OTF, TTC and Type1 fonts. Fontypython is available on Ubuntu repository. On karmic you can install it with,
$ sudo apt-get install fontypython

Once installed , you can run fontypython from a terminal


Now get some fonts from Internet. I downloaded , ml_tt_karthika a font for Malayalam into my downloads folder and clicked on the that folder . All the available fonts will be displayed with a privies on the
Now the screen looks like this.

Click on new pog

A window will pop up asking you to give a name.

Now select the new pog you created and then click on the font you want to add to the pog. ( A pog is a collection of fonts.) A red tick mark will appear on the font as below.

Then click on put into ( Karthika) button on the bottom and then click on install pog.
Your font will be now installed and applications can start using the new font.

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