Sunday, August 2, 2009

Yakuake : A pull down terminal for your desktop

If you are addicted to doing things on terminal, yakuake is your friend. Yakuake is a KDE application and it takes the standard KDE Konsole and changes it to a drop-down, on-demand terminal over your desktop and applications. This is a very handy little application. ( It resembles the classic game quake in showing the console screen on your desktop.)

To install, simply use

$ sudo apt-get to install both konsole and yakuake

If yuo are on Ubuntu open up a terminal and run yakuake from the terminal.
It will prompt you with the following screen .

Yakuake is prompting you to set a short cut key .The default is F12 . However on my Ubuntu desktop F12 is bound to search. So I clicked on the button and changed the default key to F10.
Press ok and save the configuration.
Now if you press your short cut key , yakuake terminal will pop up. If you press it again , it will hide itself. The appearance and behaviour of yakuake can be controlled. from its menus. You can access the menu by clicking on the down arrow symbol on the bottom right corner of yakuake window. Yakuake recognises almost all settings of konsole the KDE terminal.

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