Monday, August 24, 2009

How to Control Startup Services on ubuntu

As Ubuntu boots up , if you press Cntrl+alt+F8, you might notice text scrolling by, detailing all of the different things Ubuntu is doing. See the screen shot below.

Apart from loading the kernel and starting the system, a number of services such as cron , gdm, cups etc are started at this time. If you have installed additional services on your system, such as a web server, they will also be started at boot. Sometimes, you may want to either stop or temporarily disable these services, and Ubuntu provides a number of ways to do this, both graphically and through the command line.
Services Administration Tool
The graphical tool to start/stop services is localted at

You can also start it by typing the following command from a terminal.

$ sudo services-admin

Press unlock and enter your password. The screen will change to the one given below.

To disable a service, just deselect its checkbox and click Close. In Jaunty, this application supports changing only whether a service starts at boot. If you want to manually start, stop, or restart a service at a given point of time during your system usage, you need to refer to the command-line method.

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