Tuesday, May 28, 2013

skype 4.2 j on debian wheezy behind proxy

The new skype 4.2 on linux machines do not offer a configuration screen when you start it for the first time. If you are behind a proxy, you  are stuck.
 Here is the quick solution.
  Start skype. The EULA screen will come up. Accept it (at your own risk). The skype log in screen will come up.  Press Cntrol + O . The configuration screen will come up.


Anonymous said...

Thanks.. i spent 2-3 hour to know how to set proxy in skype 4.2 but i din't find anywhere. now my skype woking..

Thank you very much

Yaroslav Belousov said...

Great Thanks!

Julia David said...

These are all very helpful proxy list i would like to thanks to admin of this blog

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