Sunday, May 29, 2011

Zorin Splash Manager

Zorin Splash Manager  is a cool application with which you can change the  theme  of Ubuntu desktop. The screen shot of the GUI is given below.

Install, change Plymouth Themes in Ubuntu

  Basically,   Zorin Splash Screen Manager is an application  made for Zorin OS project, a Linux distro based on Ubuntu. It offers the following features.
  •  You can install , remove and change the plymouth theme. Here are some additional screen shots on its usage.
Zorin Splash Screen Manager

Zorin Splash Screen Manager: Manage Plymouth Themes in Ubuntu
How  to install   Zorin Splash Screen Manager
     You can install the deb package  from the command line  or   you just double click of the deb package from nautilus ( this will launch gdeb-gtk)


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