Saturday, March 19, 2011

Converting IMG files to ISO images

Some time you will find CD images with .img extentions. Most probably such images are created by clonecd, a windows program.

IMG files are raw-data copies of optical media and are primarily used  to  store  CDs with  odd  properties,such as sectors which need to have read errors when read. Conversion to ISO format removes this  information,as ISO format does not support this.

You can manipulate  such images if you install ccd2iso package.
   sudo aptitude install ccd2iso

  You can  convert  img files to iso files as shown below.
    ccd2iso file.img file1.iso
 IMG  files almost always include a SUB file, which contains additional data for the disc format, and a CCD file, which is a plaintext configu-ration file describing the disc layout.ccd2iso does not make use of  these files


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