Wednesday, February 2, 2011

How to eject a stuck CD/DVD

  Some times  CD/DVD drives get stuck and will not eject even if  you press the eject button on the front panel.  The is especially true when any application that was  using the CD drive has gone astray.  You can try the following  steps to get out of the situation.

   Open a terminal  and become  root. 

  $ sudo  su

  Try eject  command.

    # eject

  If some application of  is using cdrom you will get a message like

      umount: /media/cdrom: device is busy

 To eject the CD you may have to stop the application.  First,  let us find out who  is using the CD drive.

     #fuser  /media/cdrom
         /media/cdrom:         5929c  6018c  6020c
 You can kill all processes  accessing  using /media/cdrom
        # fuser -km /media/cdrom 
 Then try


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Carl said...

You could also try sticking a straightened paper clip or long pin in the eject hole in the faceplate of the drive (if accessible). This works best if the computer is powered down, but can occasionally work on borked systems when you need to eject the CD/DVD.