Thursday, October 8, 2009

Time Synchronization using NTP on Ubuntu

Network Time Protocol is used for synchronizing time among different computers on a network. There are several public NTP servers from which you can request current time and synchronise your machines clock the that of the server. Let us look at how this can be done on ubuntu 9.04.

Click on System->Administration-> Time and Date Click on unlock. You may have to enter your password to continue.

  • Select the configuration option Keep synchronized with Internet servers

  • You may get a dialog box informing you that NTP support has to be installed. Click on Install NTP Support . The necesary files will be downloaded from the repository.
    Once the download is complete Close the Time and Date pop up window. Run it once again from System->Administration-> Time and Date . You will get the following window.

    Click on Select servers.

    Put a tick mark on the selected server and close the window. The NTP client will start running depending on the configuration file /etc/ntp.conf. You can tweak this file for various time update options.


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